søndag 29. januar 2017

Greece - Unesco Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessalonika

"And may she be named Thessaloniki" said King Phillip of his first daughter, Argo. Later, Kassandros, Alexander the GFreates general who succeded him on the throne, married the young princess and gave her name to the city he founded (316-315 DC). St. Paul, the Afpostle of the nations, spread the word of Christianity (AD50). The Roman imperor Gulerius made the city his headquarters (AD 300). Demetrios, a Roman officer was martyred, thus becomming Thessalonikis patron saint (303). Thessaloniki is the second largest greek city in the north of the country with 1.500.000 inhabitants. Thessaloniki is in geographic district called Macedonia prefecture of Thessaloniki.
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