mandag 30. januar 2017

Poland - Unesco Medieval Town of Toruń

City located in Northern Poland is the birthplace of the greatest and famous Nicolaus Copernicus. In the Middle Ages Toruń was a prominent trade centre as a member of the Hanseatic League; in Poland is called 'Krakow of the North'. Toruń is the most Gothic urban complex in Poland, one of the most important and crowded tourist centres of unique value, right after Krakow the second richest of original and best preserved historical monuments city in Poland. Numerous museums and other attractions.
The whole complex of Toruń Old Quarter, of unique value, measured by world standards, consists of three historical urban sections: Old City (1233), New City (1264) and the Teutonic Knights' Castle (mid. 13th c.). All of them are included in the 
UNESCO World Heritage List. The medieval urban and architectonic complex of Toruń has preserved on the whole and constitutes a precious document of tradition and past. The more precious as it is one of the not numerous cities that hasn't been destroyed during the world war II.
Toruń is also one of the most important science and cultural centres in Poland with its biggest and oldest university in the North.

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