onsdag 8. august 2018

Portugal - Flores Island, Azores

Card is Flores Island, Azores.  
Stamp: It's a special stamp from acores. It's from the island faial. It shows the very famous Cafe Peter in horta. Every sailor will go there when they will cross the atlantic

Sender: Barbara

søndag 5. august 2018

Greece - Elafonissos island - Peloponesse

Elafonissos (The island of a deer) is at the southern side of the region Peloponesse.  It is a small, but beautiful island with crystal clear waters. The most famous beach is called Simos (on the photo)
Sender: Athina

Greece - Serifos Island, Cyclades

The village of Panogia (Our Lady Virgin Mary) from the fine 10th century church which bears the same name, commands a panoramic view of the whole island. Hora or Serifos the main town of the island has a lot of little white cube-shaped houses and churches with blue doors and windows.
Sender: Athina

Greece - Sifnos island, Cyclades

The island is a gray rocky landscape broken up here and there by a small white chapel.  365 churhes and chapels are all over the island.
There are many clean and attractive beaches and Sifnos is also famous for the fine ceramic artifacts - typical of Sifnos
Sender: Athina

Greece - Ithaki island - Ionian Sea

The island is said to have been the kingdom of Homers Odysseus (Ulysses) and has been inhabitet since prehistoric times.
Sender: Athina