tirsdag 25. januar 2022

USA - Meetup in Renton, Washington

Sender: Hallie - surprise swap


USA - Colorado

Sender: Ruby


USA - Mount St. Helens and Yale Lake, Washington state


USA - Mount Rainier and Tipsoo Lake, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington state

Mont Rainier from Tipsoo Lake, one of the many small mountain lakes high in the Cascade Mountains.
Mount Rainier National Park 


Usa - University of Washington

The Henry Suzzallo Library

The Joseph Drumheller fountain 


USA - Washington state

M.V. Elwha - Washington state ferry system
The primary source of transportation for residents of the San Juan Islands and thousands of vacation travelers seeking the beauty of the islands.


USA - Wilwaukee, Wisconsin

Sender: Laura


USA - Little White House of Waukegan, Illinois

Lauras hjemby - sender: Laura


USA - University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana

Foellinger Auditorium

North end of the Quad

Lobby terrace - Krannert Center for the performing arts.  The great Hall is to the right and the Festival Hall is in the foreground

Alma Mater statue


USA - Waukegan harbour, Illinois


USA - Illinois Beach State Park, Zion