onsdag 10. juni 2015

Romania - Trainingship Mircea

The Mircea is a three masted barque built in 1938 in Hamburg by the Blohm & Voss shipyard as a training vessel for the Romanian Navy.  Her design is based on the successful plans of the Gorch Fock, the last of a series of four sister ships.  The ship is named after the Wallachian Prince Mircea the Elder.
After World War II she was temporarily taken over by the USSR, but later returned to Romania. In 1966 she was overhauled by Blohm & Voss

The card is signed by all members who joined International Postcrossing meetup in Buchuresti, Romania 1st. June 2015 and sent to me by Mihnea. Thank you all for sighning and sending! 

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