lørdag 12. november 2016

PLACES I HAVE VISITED - Monastery of Panagia Tsampika, Rhodos Island, Greece. I visited this monastery summer 2015

On the Greek island of Rhodes is famous tsambika mountain, on which is located the chapel of Panagia tsambika are located within. It is a Holy, calm and peaceful place where pilgrims annually. 

Is a mountain near the village of Archangelos, about 30 kilometers from the center of Rhodes. The Holy relic of the chapel is the miraculous icon of the virgin Mary. Interestingly, the virgin of Tsambika considered the patroness of couples, spouses, especially those who have no children.

The name of the chapel "tsamba" is translated as a flash, a spark, but this word can be translated only in the local dialect. According to legend, as the locals saw a bright light on the mountain, and when he climbed up the tree to find the hand of the Theotokos. Later it became clear that this is the icon that disappeared from the monastery of Cyprus. And according to legend, how much would the icon did not try to return to the monastery, she still miraculously ended up on the mountain. Then it was considered a sacred sign, and the chapel was named in honor of this icon.

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